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logoPublished 13.01.2024

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Audio Visualizer is a cutting-edge web application akin to SoundCloud, designed for artists and music enthusiasts. It offers a platform for sharing and enjoying music, while providing a unique feature to customize visual experiences. The core highlight of this application is its sophisticated audio visualization, featuring dynamically rendered waveforms. Users have the flexibility to personalize their visual journey, enhancing the overall auditory experience.


The above image shows the landing page of Audio Visualizer.

) – The Synthesis of Sound and Sight

I'm a full-stack developer, and my love for music and technology inspired me to create Nestled in the dynamic city of Oslo, at 27 years old, I set out to design an immersive platform where artists and music lovers can converge, share, and experience music in a way that transcends the auditory senses.

The Genesis

SoundCloud revolutionized music sharing, but I envisioned a platform that takes a step further, integrating music with personalized visual narratives. Audio Visualizer was born out of this vision: a web application that not only serves as a music repository but also as a canvas for visual creativity, tailored by the beats and rhythms of the music itself.

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( Image of the settings page for creating custom waveforms )

Beyond Listening's soul lies in its audio visualization capability, transforming sound into a visual spectacle with dynamically rendered waveforms. This interactive feature allows users to not just listen to music but also to visualize it, crafting a multi-sensory listening experience.

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( When clicking on a songs title, the audio page for that song opens up, showcasing only the selected song. )

A Portal for All

The website hosts a variety of pages, each with a specific purpose yet cohesively tied to the overall user experience:

  • Landing Page: A hero section welcomes visitors, leading them through features and testimonials.
  • Authentication: Secure login and registration pages ensure a personalized experience for every user.
  • Artist Pages: A dedicated space for artists to showcase their work and connect with audiences.
  • Discovery: A dynamic 'discover new music' page adapts to provide recommendations for guests and tailored suggestions for logged-in users.
  • Search Functionality: A robust search page to easily find artists, songs, or genres.
  • User Settings: Custom settings give users control over their listening and visualizing experience.
  • Waveform Creation: A specialized page for users to create their own waveforms for any uploaded audio.
  • Song Pages: Individual pages for each song enhance the music experience with detailed visualizations and artist info.
  • And much more, each element contributing to an intricate web of audiovisual artistry.

Built with Modern Tools

Crafted using React and TypeScript, the application ensures a smooth and responsive interface, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical knowhow. Firebase serves as the backbone for the database, facilitating robust user interactions and data management. The waveforms come to life through the Wavesurfer.js library, which impeccably renders audio visualization.

The Purpose

With, I aimed to bridge the gap between an artist's expression and a listener's perception, creating a shared space for musical and visual art to flourish. It's not just an application; it's a platform where each note plays a color, and every beat shapes the canvas. It stands as a testament to what can be achieved when technology meets art, curated for the creator in all of us.

This project goes beyond just being a part of my portfolio; it is a piece of my aspiration to innovate, integrate, and inspire. Whether you're an artist seeking to showcase your music or a listener in pursuit of a new auditory landscape, I invite you to experience – where your next musical journey awaits.

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