logoPublished 15.01.2024

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QR-kode.app is a Norwegian-focused website that offers customizable QR code generation. Users can tailor their QR codes with unique features, including the option to download files as a zip, incorporate 3D models, or embed a logo. It's designed to streamline various user preferences in QR code creation.


The image showcases the plain website for qr-kode.app.


QR-kode.app – The Custom QR Code Experience

As a passionate full-stack web developer, my journey through the world of coding has always been about creating tools that not only serve a functional purpose but also connect with users on a personal level. At 27, working amidst the vibrant tech scene in Oslo, I wanted to bring a piece of innovation tailored to the local context while keeping global accessibility in mind. This led to the inception of QR-kode.app, a customizable QR code generator with a Norwegian touch.

The Inspiration

In an age where digital interaction is a norm, QR codes have become the bridges between the physical and virtual worlds. While there are numerous QR code generators out there, I noticed a gap when it came to providing a service with options specific to user preferences, especially for the Norwegian community. I aimed to fill this void by offering a tool that not only generates QR codes but does so with an array of customizable features.

Crafted for Customization

QR-kode.app stands out by offering distinctive capabilities:

  • Zip Downloads: Users can save generated QR codes directly into a zip folder, making the handling of multiple QR codes effortless and organized.
  • Aesthetic Flexibility: Adding a white padding border around the QR code is optional, giving users the choice to align the design with their branding requirements.
  • 3D Model Feature: In a step towards futuristic design, the app provides an option to view and download a 3D model of the QR code, adding a unique visual edge.
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( Showcasing how the files are saved upon downloading the .zip folder )

User-Centric Design

Designed with a sleek, user-friendly interface, the app speaks directly to users with clear, concise Norwegian text. This ensures ease of use for local users while its intuitive design makes it just as accessible to an international audience.

Under the Hood

Underneath its simple exterior, QR-kode.app runs on a robust combination of React and TypeScript, ensuring a seamless and responsive user experience. Firebase backs the application, not just for its real-time database capabilities but also to provide insightful statistics. This allows me to continuously improve the app based on user interaction and feedback.

Why I Built This

The goal was to create a tool that resonates with my ethos of practicality and user engagement. QR-kode.app is not just a project; it's a solution that evolves with its users. It reflects my commitment to quality and my ambition to bring the functionality of QR codes into new dimensions.

In building QR-kode.app, I've not only developed a product but also honed my skills in full-stack development. Each line of code is a learning curve, and every user interaction is an opportunity to grow. I invite you to explore QR-kode.app – where simplicity meets innovation.

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