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Personal portfolio projects

Skipper'n Utleie

Skipperen Utleie: Rent jetskis, boats, and water activities in Norway for hours or days. Seamless booking with instant confirmation.

TrainingBot (slack app)

Enhance Team Fitness with TrainingBot: Daily Slack Exercise Challenges.

QR-kode is a specialized site for Norwegians to create tailored QR codes, offering options like 3D model integration, logo embedding, and zip file downloads for a personalized QR code experience.

Audio Visualizer

Audio Visualizer, similar to SoundCloud, is a web app for artists and listeners to share music and customize their visual experience. It features innovative audio visualization with customizable rendered waveforms.

Dagens lunsj (Slack bot)

Decide on lunch effortlessly with your team. Fun, fair, and easy!